Monday, May 23, 2011

The Words That Make Us

Within each of us is a word.
When our Creator spoke He gave it form--
Each one, a word, uniquely tuned to that
part of Creative Thought
that was set in motion in its making.
Children of the greatest Word,
a Being.

In all the languages of earth we find but
Shadows of our
original identities.

Searching volumes of time,
thought, space, and quietude;
All the dictionaries of nature to teach us
Who we truly are--
Discovering what it means to live, and become
what the Maker Meant
for us to be
at our first Naming.

On mist-veiled mornings a feathered poet
Will begin to show the way;
Wrens singing from their feathered throats
Know well the songs of Creation--
Words not their own
That touch us precisely
because they are,

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