Friday, June 24, 2011

The Once Was Poem

Every night I dream
that I have lost something.

In every case
it is the same;
I dream
I am losing you.

Something I have left unfinished
Something that never could be finished
Something you never fully achieve

In my dream that undone something haunts;
A nagging tiresome:
You should be practicing.  You should be practicing.  You should
be practicing...

I have left
For something else.

How many times when I once was that someone
Did I push myself
with the same thought? --the constant

It is not so much now
As I think on what once was
That I have such a high opinion of myself
As to mourn its loss--

It is just
A nebulous feeling

that I will be called on again...
And will not be ready.

It is just
this deadweight feeling

I may have disappointed them all;


This other-natural nagging sense
that Once

Was such


a long time

(c) Kathryn W. Ritter
June 24, 2011 5:00AM

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