Saturday, July 2, 2011

In Sixty Years' Time

My grandmother waited nearly twenty years,
missing him.

The only Rosie Riveter small enough
Even while seven months pregnant
To set rivets from inside the airplane wings.

The girl who tap-danced
Up and down stairs
On roller skates--
The tiny fierce
you-don't-mess-with Mabel
Southern Alabama
beach-loving girl

Caught in an old woman's body,
A tired woman's cares.

She lived life best when she could Do--
Any useful something...Laundry,
Ironing, Wash or Cook

Watching songbirds, playing Upwords,
Checking daily mail;
Watching for letters we all wish now
we'd sent
So she'd have walked up the drive again
With wider smiles every day.

How will it be
In Sixty years time
To look back on the days
of our goldenhood?

(c) Kathryn W. Ritter
May 22, 2011 Sunday 2:30 pm

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