Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Migratory Moments

*This post originally appeared on Songbird*


When I was very young, I said that when I grew up I would be an artist, a writer, and a mother. Fast forward to today, and I am a trained classical pianist, a papercraft and scherenschnitte artist, a mom to two energetic boys, a blogger, and a novelist, childrens' and short-story author. But my deepest love in writing still comes from the sheer joy and music of words, which draws me back to poetry...the everyday kind.

As a musician I know the value of honing one's craft through revision. But I have also found that there is something lost in the dissection and re-direction of the original music or word-flow...whichever the case may be.
So for a few years now I have also practiced free-writing. I am learning to do revision as I go, so that the word-flow is uninterrupted as I write. All of my poems as you see them here are exactly the same as they originally came. I share them in this way because there is freshness and honesty in their very imperfection which I think perhaps, deep down, we all crave.

Many thanks to Marianne for allowing us the chance to guest post on her wonderful blog that has been inspiring us all for so long. Since she is on vacation at the moment, I thought I would share with you all a poem about that break-away feeling we have all had at some time.


Migratory Moments

I would like to travel with all the migratory creatures
that pass over our house

And under,

And across the road in thousands
while I make my way to work.

I would like to see
the lands they've seen,
from the air or from the earth;
And gasp with butterfly pleasure

to realize monarchs
count out their lives
in wingbeats!

Delight in every nectar, every dew—each breath
of wander-wind
and so return to earth on two feet
instead of six small, black
delicate ones—

And take my powder-wing wisdom and so live, not in years
but in wingbeats—

in seconds—

in moments...

(c) Kathryn W. Ritter
June 2011


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